Flipbook: East Yorkshire Historian – Goole Shipbuilding Part 3

Brian Masterman Collection

Goole Shipbuilding Part 3

By 2008, local historian Brian Masterman had completed his manuscript for a book recording the history of shipbuilding in the port town of Goole, Yorkshire. It was to be called simply Goole Shipbuilding.

Rather than publishing his book as a whole, an alternative option was to have Goole Shipbuilding appear in the annual journal of the East Yorkshire Local History Society, East Yorkshire Historian. It was to be published in four parts across four journals. This, the third part by Brian, appeared in Volume 11 published in 2010. 

Titled Goole Shipbuilding (Part III) it documents the activities of Goole builders Craggs and Cottingham Brothers, T H Scarr of Howden Dyke and the Goole Shipbuilding and Repairing Company. It covers the period from 1919 through to the end of 1937 which includes the period in the 1930s known globally as “the depression” when for a number of years shipyards lay idle, awaiting the next order for new vessels.

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