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  1. Christopher

    There is a reference to the Goole billy-boy in Frank T Bullen’s “the cruise of the ‘cachalot’”

  2. S. Shaw

    Oh love this story … and why shouldn’t it be printed … it is a lovely account. Also…, I am left wondering about Her Grandma ,‘Addy’ …. As I have a Grt grt Grandma / grandad ( and step grandad , from Knottingly Yorkshire… ) they are Mary-Ann Addy .. wed George Wm Lancelot…at Knottingly… . Had 4 sons . Husband died in Goole 1899, Mary-Ann remarried to a George Wm Horsman at Knottingly, … who had 2 keels … The Renown, and The Gurtrude. Several of my dads cousins will have copies of the specs for one keel… and so do I. Given to my Dad by one of His cousins …. . MaryAnn ( now Horsman) died after a fall … off a ladder / wallpapering … My maternal Granddad said, and taken back to Knottingly to be buried with Her 17 yr old son, and 18 mth old Grandaughter Mary Ellen Lancelot . Grave being Full… Husband George Wm Horsman never got to go ‘Home’ so was buried in an unmarked grave in York .. cemetery road , cemetery, york( at the rear ) . They had retired to york… selling off His keel(s?) to buy a house . That still sits close to the river Ouse , in york today.

    • David

      Thank you for your fascinating feedback. You might be interested in checking our database of canal boat registrations where you will certainly find Renown (York 224) a brand new steel boat registered in 1904. Not yet found Gertrude.